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Don’t be Fooled. Call Center Consulting has compiled a list of the Top Ten Questions you should ask anyone before purchasing an Auto Dialer or Predictive Dialer System. These questions can save you thousands of dollars on Auto Dialers by making sure that you are getting exactly what you’re looking for in a Lead Generation System.

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Auto Dialers allow for the Lowest Cost-Per-Lead, period. Why pay for Telemarketing Agents when an Autodialer can do all the work without breaks or sick days? An Automatic Dialer will reach Thousands of Prospective Customers every day. Auto Dialers are simply an easy answer to a tough question. There is no more Economical form of Lead Generation than a Dialer available on the market, Guaranteed.

Why deal with any other Lead Generation source when you can have an Auto Dialer System whose Outbound features are dedicated to getting you Leads? No need to pay per call for out-sourced Dialing. Our Auto Dialers also contain Inbound call features. Up to 10,000 Voicemail Boxes, Transfers, and Automated Menus. All able to run while the Auto Dialer is making calls that Generate Leads for your company.

But what if you already have a dedicated Telemarketing Staff? Predictive Dialers blend the ease of the Autodialer with the experience of a Live Telemarketer. Our Predictive Dialer will make calls for your agents at a 3:1 ratio. That’s 3 Lines dialing per Telemarketing Agent at any given time through our Predictive Dialer System!

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With the obvious benefits of Predictive and Auto Dialers, the only question is where to turn. Call Center Consulting, Inc. has developed our turnkey Multimessenger Automatic Dialer and our Multimessenger Plus Dial Predictive Dialer. Both the Autodialer and Predictive Dialer use Dell Computer Systems to ensure that you receive a Dependable System with a Guarantee you can take to the bank. We also Back our Auto Dialer and Predictive Dialer Systems with Live tech Support and free Lifetime Marketing Support. We stand behind our Auto Dialers AND we stand behind our customers.

We understand that a lot of questions arise in regards to any business investment. Dealing in Auto Dialers and Predictive Dialers, we understand this business. Please allow us to extend our expertise to you by requesting a copy of “The Facts You Should Know Before You Buy.” This is a list of the top questions you should ask any distributor before making a decision on their Auto Dialers or Predictive Dialers. We offer this to you free of charge along with our Iron-Clad Pricing Guarantee. If you can find any Auto Dialer System that will match the capabilities of our Auto Dialer system at a lower price, we’ll match it, Guaranteed.

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